Miniapple Int’l Montessori Early Childhood Education Programs in Minneapolis, Roseville, & Oakdale, MN

As a parent, you want the best for your child—including the best child care services. But sometimes traditional day care services don’t provide everything your child needs.

If you haven’t found satisfactory child care in Minneapolis, MN, come visit us at Miniapple International Montessori Schools. Located throughout the Twin Cities area, our school provides child care based on a unique education approach.

At Miniapple International Montessori Schools, we do more than just child care. We provide children a holistic learning foundation that encourages development in all areas of life. We are a nationally recognized early learning school of high standards and have great expectations for all our students.

The Montesorri Difference

We believe in early childhood education that emphasizes cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. Unlike traditional day care services, Montessori child care provides your child with the following:

  • A personal learning environment
  • Child-centered exploration
  • Cultural learning including lessons about international, religious, and ethnic diversity
  • Active participation in community service
  • Interactive instruction on how to solve problems peacefully

Our teaching methods allow children to learn by interaction with objects and concepts, rather than direct instruction. For more information about our children’s’ programs, read the descriptions below. To begin enrollment, visit our contact page. For more information on how Traditional Daycare differs from the Montessori Classroom, visit our comparison page.

Infant Program
Our Minneapolis Infant Care Program specializes in the nourishment and development of movement, independence, and language while providing a safe and supportive environment for your infant to play and grow.

Toddler Community
Our Toddler Program provides a safe, educational setting for your toddler to learn and explore. This summer program features developmental practices as well as group games, music, arts, and crafts.

Children’s House
The Children’s Program serves as a friendly learning space where children can explore a variety of educational topics such as history and geography while enjoying interactive group and physical activities to ensure a safe, enjoyable summer.

Private Kindergarten
Our state-recognized Private Kindergarten offers a safe and personal learning environment designed to encourage education through a variety of academic subjects and areas.

School Age Summer Program
Our Minnesota Summer Programs ensure an exciting, safe, and active experience for your child. Our program encourages physical activity as well as arts and crafts, music and academic studies.


(612) 378-9375

1125 5th St. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Director: Kayla Gustafson
Email: [email protected]


(651) 628-9575

1875 W. Perimeter Drive
Roseville, MN 55113
Directors: Lisa Szulga and Cindy Quincer
Email: [email protected]


(651) 739-6275

780 Helmo Ave N.
Oakdale, MN 55128
Director: Deb Sack
Email: [email protected]