Child Care Center Serving Oakdale, Roseville, and Minneapolis, MN

You need more from child care than basic safety. You want your child to grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially so they can flourish and help the world thrive with them.

At Miniapple International Montessori Schools, we commit to peace, kindness, and imagination on a daily basis. We’re your high-quality child care center in the Oakdale, Roseville, and Minneapolis, MN, area.

Montessori Background

High-quality child care doesn’t have to be schooling. A trained caretaker can help your child grow and have fun through age-appropriate activities.

Both outcomes are possible because children’s needs for growth and fun are not at odds. At Miniapple International Montessori Schools, your child will learn, create, and grow by exploring their own interests.

Our facility is set up based on the Montessori philosophy, which emphasizes freedom, individuality, healthy boundaries, and harmony. When you visit our day care center in Roseville, MN; Oakdale, MN; or Minneapolis, MN, you’ll find a stable, home-like atmosphere in which your child can develop an inclusive perspective and feed their growing mind.

Diverse Cultures

Children from our centers come from many backgrounds, and in our child care centers, we emphasize respect, courtesy, grace, and cooperation. We believe that children succeed in environments in which they feel valued, safe, and important, and we want the children we care for to help others develop the same conviction.

Crucial to our mission and purpose is social harmony — a world where differences are celebrated and families from all cultures and lifestyles are supported. We do what we can to improve the world within our sphere of influence, and we encourage children to do the same.

You don’t have to settle for child care that’s lower quality than the care you provide in your home. Apply to Miniapple International Montessori Schools and see the difference empowerment makes for your child.


(612) 378-9375

1125 5th St. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Director: Kayla Gustafson
Email: [email protected]


(651) 628-9575

1875 W. Perimeter Drive
Roseville, MN 55113
Directors: Lisa Szulga and Cindy Quincer
Email: [email protected]


(651) 739-6275

780 Helmo Ave N.
Oakdale, MN 55128
Director: Deb Sack
Email: [email protected]