Montessori Preschool Education

Looking for a fantastic preschool for your child? We are a trusted preschool provider in Oakdale, Roseville, St Anthony, St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN, and we’re very confident that we can help your child succeed in our Children’s House.

Our Philosophy

The Montessori educational philosophy focuses on helping children grow and learn in correlation with their natural social, physical, and psychological development. Our curriculum allows children an extraordinary amount of freedom and independence under the guidance of our highly trained teachers.


We believe that children should have the freedom to move around the classroom and to choose which activities to try, to learn at their own pace, and to be engaged in their own learning.

Our Unique Preschool Curriculum

Our curriculum teaches preschool-aged children about practical life, mathematics, language, and sensorial topics. Your student will also explore social studies, art, history, science, and geography.

A few unique benefits of our Montessori preschool education include:

  • Mixed-age classrooms, so children can learn from their peers (ages 2 1/2 to 6)
  • Interactive educational materials that engage and interest children and prepare them for Kindergarten
  • Small class sizes (never more than 20 students in a class)
  • A non-competitive, compassionate, and fun atmosphere
  • Unique international experiences, including weekly music and language lessons
  • Optional activities, including soccer and yoga

We believe that these features will give your young one an unforgettable learning experience.

Our Talented Teachers

Much of the success of the Miniapple International Montessori preschool education program can be attributed to our passionate and talented teachers, whose years of experience with children and the Montessori philosophy change lives every day.


Your student’s teacher will purposefully prepare each learning activity and environment to guide your child to discoveries about the world, relationships, and life skills.

Enroll Today

If you have any questions, please call our Minneapolis, MN school at (612) 378-9375, our Roseville school at (651) 628-9575 or our Oakdale school at (651) 739-6275. You can arrange to speak with our school directors directly. If you’d like your child to experience a unique, nurturing, and profound education before he or she ever sets foot in kindergarten, enroll your children in our preschool services today.

“Thank you for allowing me to bring the students in my class, Administration of Early Childhood Programs, to visit Miniapple Montessori. Some of the comments included: ‘The teaching styles were so amazing and unique. I believe that the children who attend would definitely learn great responsibility for their own learning and for taking care of themselves. Everything in this center was very nature oriented which is extremely important and allows the children to experience the world around them!’ ‘The director seemed very personable, and the center was laid out in a way that was very welcoming for parents and children. I liked how the center let the children work at their own pace.’ ‘I was absolutely in love with Miniapple Montessori. I love the idea of education being individualized based on the child. It was such a warm atmosphere and the children seemed to genuinely enjoy their schooling. I would want to be a part of this school because of the rewarding factor of seeing the children become independent throughout their years there.’”  

– Judy Gifford, Director, Child & Family Study Center, College of Education, University of Wisconsin – Stout

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