Private Montessori Kindergarten

Your child’s academic success depends heavily on his or her kindergarten experience. In kindergarten, your child develops primary skills that lay the foundation for school readiness in reading, writing, counting, and socializing.

Consequently, you need to make sure that your child attends a school where they receive complete attention from a kind and compassionate teacher.

At Miniapple International Montessori Schools, we offer a private kindergarten to MinneapolisRoseville and Oakdale students. Our small class sizes and top-notch teachers give your child the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace.

Preparation for School Readiness

When your child attends our private kindergarten at Miniapple International Montessori in Minneapolis, Roseville or Oakdale, they will learn a variety of academic skills as part of the curriculum at no extra charge, including:

  •  Geography
  •  Language
  •  Math
  •  Science


  •  Sensorial
  •  Practical Life/Dramatic Play
  •  World Languages
  •  World Music

Though we encourage children to explore these areas at their own pace, our teachers follow a state-recognized curriculum to ensure your child has a firm grasp of the basics by the time they graduate from the program.

Furthermore, each of our classrooms feature visually attractive materials organized on low, uncluttered shelves. This ease of access and nurturing environment gives your child a hands-on learning experience and encourages your students to explore their interests.

Meet With Our Friendly Staff

At Miniapple International Montessori Schools, we believe that each child deserves the opportunity to grow and develop in a respectful, wholesome learning environment. We also understand that each child learns at varying speeds and in different ways, so our teachers design their lessons to accommodate your student.

If you would like to enroll your child in our private kindergarten, click the “Enroll Now” button at the top of the page. Then simply fill out the form provided.

For additional questions about our schools, for Minneapolis, call us at (612) 378-9375, for Roseville, call us at (651) 628-9575, and for Oakdale, call us at 651-739-6275.
We’d love to answer your questions and give you further details.

Importance of the Kindergarten Year In Montessori (click article to read)

“I do not know how Miniapple compares to other Montessori schools, but I do know the relief I felt after Rory started. About a month into it, I simply could breathe much more easily! The way in which respect for everyone is shown here let me know we had found “the right place.” It became so clear to me this year that Kindergarten belongs with preschool and not with primary school. I have been told and have read that Maria Montessori recognized this, and it made sense in my mind. But it was not until I saw the development/transition unfold, did I understand how closely connected these two groups are. For Rory to have left without completing the Kindergaren year (at Miniapple) would have been premature. He has been transitioning all year at his own pace and it has been wonderful. I feel he is much better prepared for life with older children and peers. And his enthusiasm for learning is so exciting to me. I have loved the Montessori approach to child development and learning. I wish we had started him at Miniapple sooner, but am thankful for the time we have had. How lucky we are!”  

– Sarah

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