Why Continue Your Child’s Education in a Montessori Kindergarten?

You’ve watched your child flourish in the child-centered, exploration-focused Montessori classroom. The preschool years have been a time when your child grew into an inquisitive learner who is an autonomous, creative thinker. The Montessori education doesn’t end when your child finishes preschool. Unlike other early childhood environments, Montessori extends into the kindergarten year — and potentially beyond.

Why should your child stay in Montessori for kindergarten? This is a major decision that not only affects your child right now but also changes the face of their future learning experiences.

Before transitioning your child to your local elementary school, take a look at what a Montessori kindergarten can do for them.

Existing Educational Environment

If your child already attends Montessori schools and loves it, why make a change if you don’t have to? Children gravitate toward predictable situations, places, and schedules. Continuing with the same school provides your child the chance to thrive in the same, predictable environment that they’re already accustomed to.

Even though the ability to adapt to new situations is part of growing up, kindergarten isn’t always the best time to test how well your child can go from a school that they enjoy to something new.

Philosophy of Learning

The Montessori philosophy is rooted in research and an in-depth understanding of how children learn, develop, and gain knowledge in the educational setting. This isn’t to say that the public kindergarten or other private schools don’t use evidence-based methods that are wholly beneficial to the young child.

However, with Montessori kindergarten you can feel comfort in the fact that your child is getting the education you expect. You would find out that the school suddenly decided to take a new approach to learning or has changed how they instruct their students.

Montessori kindergarten classrooms don’t look like what you’d see in other schools. They include the prepared environment that Dr. Maria Montessori envisioned and created through years of child development and human learning research.

Full Curriculum Advantages

Even the Montessori approach is different than what you’d see in other schools, that doesn’t mean your child isn’t learning. And it certainly doesn’t mean that they won’t cover content areas and subjects that are essential down the road. You want your child to see success as a scholar and as a person. Montessori kindergarten classrooms may not look like every other school, but they still include a rigorous curriculum that prepares children academically.

Along with sensorial and creative experiences, your child will get the chance to explore subjects such as geography, math, language, and science. These subjects, as well as the learning environment itself, create a foundation for your child’s future education. Your child will learn, gain knowledge, and grow as a person while preparing for what’s to come scholastically.

Individually Paced Learning

Children aren’t small cookie cutter humans. They’re individuals. This means that your child may learn at a different pace and in different ways than their peers. Montessori kindergarten classrooms accept this and provide plenty of opportunities for your child to learn and master tasks at their own individual rate.

With a teacher who functions as a guide and a classroom that supports development, continuing in a Montessori setting for the kindergarten year is one way to ensure that your child doesn’t get left behind or miss out on valuable learning during this precious period. Your child will have the individual attention they need to succeed.

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