9 Healthy Snacks to Help Kids Grow and Learn

Studies show that healthy foods help kids do better in school. In one study, children who ate more vegetables, fruit, protein and fiber did better on literacy tests than kids who ate foods high in salt and saturated fat. While you know healthy foods are the right choice for your…


6 Ways to Help Your Child Socialize

It's the first day of school. You pull into the parking lot, park your car, unbuckle your preschooler, and slowly walk toward the school. You hear your child breathing deeply and look down to make sure he's okay. You catch sight of his eyes, now brimming with tears, and begin…


Prepare Your Child for Preschool

It's important to start your child's education off on the right foot. In order to give kids a one-up on their future, many parents send their children to preschool. There are a variety of quality educational institutions across the country who provide younger children an opportunity to learn and grow…


Sharing in the Montessori Classroom

Sharing is a social skill that isn’t always easy for a young child to master. Toddlers and preschoolers are curious explorers. And with that in mind, they don’t always want the intrusion of a peer taking over their play. In other words, young children aren’t always natural sharers.

Does this mean that your child can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t share? The answer to this question is complex and doesn’t have one straightforward or all-encompassing response. There’s an ever-present ideology in early childhood (whether in the classroom or at home) that pushes children to share without a sense of awareness. (more…)

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