Meet Our Miniapple Int’l Montessori Early Childhood Education Instructors in Oakdale, Minneapolis, & Roseville, MN

We, the staff of Miniapple International Montessori, follow the teachings of Maria Montessori by embracing the uniqueness and potential of each child. As the role of an adult, we strive to create an environment which nurtures the development of the young minds through compassion, respect, creativity and trust. Our commitment is to guide the children in a safe, warm, secure and happy learning environment, which requires us to be prepared, present, whole and accountable.

“Our two girls, ages 2 and 4, have been fortunate enough to attend Miniapple Montessori since they were born. In addition to the Montessori teaching style, one of the factors that drew us to Miniapple was the teacher tenure. Anytime you have teachers in a child care/development environment with 10-15+ years experience with the same organization, then you know that the ownership is focused on taking care of their talent as well as that of their students. Ultimately, our girls are the ones who have decided that Miniapple is their home. They look forward to playing with their friends and have a warm and caring relationship with their teachers. As a parent, it is comforting to know that our girls are receiving high quality care, and we have truly enjoyed the experience with our Miniapple family.” – Greg Poul

Udi, Administrator
After completing A.M.I. teacher training in Sri Lanka over 30 years ago, I came to the U.S. on vacation; then to be hired as a teacher-director of a local Montessori school. Our intention was to go back home once my husband finished his business degree at the U of M. One thing led to another, and we bought the school and opened two more! Mithula and I have 3 daughters, one son, and one grandson who are all Miniapple alumni, and a granddaughter who currently attends Miniapple. Apart from cooking, gardening, scrap booking, and community service, I do what I love to do; giving children the best at home and at school. “The apple of my eye.” 

Christina, Human Resources Manager
Christina grew up in northern California and moved to Minnesota in 2012. She has been working in early childhood since 2005 and joined the Miniapple team in 2013. Christina graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Human Resources Development. Christina enjoys spending time with her family and being a mother to her two sons, Dylan and Tyler. In her free time. she enjoys traveling, biking, volunteering at her children’s school, and gardening.

Shari, Office Manager
Shari has always had a passion for problem solving and small business management, and joined the Miniapple team in 2014. As a child, playing office included setting up a complete set of books, designing office space, inventory management, and if it had been the norm at that time, Shari would have been emailing her neighborhood friends to join her in a mock board meeting. With a solid background in day to day management in public accounting, non-profit, and my own businesses, and a keen eye for keeping things running smoothly, Shari enjoys the opportunity to bring that experience and knowledge to Miniapple. In her spare time,  she enjoys spending time with her grandson (a Miniapple student), horses, camping, sewing and clothing design, and anything outdoors.

Estelle, Administrative Assistant
Born and raised in the Netherlands, Estelle received a B.A. in Child Psychology from the University of MN and a MN teaching license in pre-k/parent education/early childhood family education from Crown College. Estelle worked in local early childhood programs before joining Miniapple in 1996. Most of her free time is devoted to helping Shelties in need with Minnesota Sheltie Rescue, and she enjoys reading, volunteering, spending time with her dogs, and watching her nephews play soccer. 

Robin, Music & Movement Educator
RobinRobin is a music educator and teaching artist, dance caller and song leader. As a Minnesota State Arts Board Roster Artist, she has been working in public schools for over 10 years as an artist-in-residence, sharing her love of traditional song and dance. She started teaching Music & Movement classes at Miniapple in 2014. Robin plays several instruments including banjo, autoharp, ukulele, dulcimer, and piano.  She looks forward to continuing the tradition of joyful music and movement at the Miniapple Montessori Schools!


Lee, Director
Lee’s family came to Miniapple in 2004 when her oldest daughter started preschool, and now Lee feels right at home as an employee. She has a B.A. from the U of MN in Counseling and Deaf Studies. Lee was staff supervisor for a group home for disabled and mentally ill adults for 20 years. She enjoys movies, concerts, camping, reading, and horseback riding with her husband and their daughters, both Miniapple graduates. She lives in SE Minneapolis and loves working in her neighborhood!

Lindsay, Assistant Director
Lindsay is from Owatonna, MN. After graduating from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Theatrical Directing, she joined Miniapple in 2015. She has participated in 52 productions via acting, costume design, set building & directing. Lindsay loves to read, write, canoe, travel, play the piano, and run. She has worked with children for many years in the classroom, as a nanny, and on stage, and looks forward to continuing that work here at Miniapple.

Wangmo, Children’s House
Wangmo was born in India as a Tibetan refugee. She graduated from school in Dheradun, India, got a job in a Tibetan school, and taught there for 4 years. In 1992, she moved to Nepal and on October 22, 1997, she flew from Nepal to Minnesota.  Wangmo received her AMI certificate in 2002 and really enjoys working with children. She has been with Miniapple since 2002.

Erica, Children’s House
Erica has been with Miniapple since 2006. She earned a B.A. in psychology, her Montessori Credential and her Masters of Education in 2009. In her free time, Erica enjoys gardening, traveling and spending time outdoors with her husband and their 3 children who also attend Miniapple. Erica is excited to begin a new year working alongside the amazing Miniapple staff, children, and families!

Mia, Children’s House
Mia was born in Bloomington, Indiana, and attended a Montessori school through age 12. She graduated from the University of Illinois, and spent two years in AmeriCorps as an after-school teacher and coordinator. Mia received her AMS certificate through the Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center in Chicago and joined Miniapple in 2013. Mia loves swing dancing, sewing, and spending time with family, friends, and her husband.

Dan, Children’s House
Dan has over 25 years of Montessori teaching experience with St. Paul public schools and in Switzerland. Dan is a noted author and avid writer of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. He has published over 70 poems, a book of poems named Mozart’s Carriage, numerous articles about education, and a teaching timeline for the study of children’s literature. Dan holds an M.A. in English from Marquette University, Montessori certification from St. Catherine University, and a K-6 MN teaching license. He joined our Miniapple team in 2017.

Terri, Children’s House
Terri joined our Miniapple team in 2017 upon relocating to Minnesota, after working as a Montessori Guide in New York and California. Originally from Philadelphia, Terri has spent time in Japan, Australia, Denmark and China. Terri was drawn to Montessori because it is an approach to education that is grounded in peace, it allows children to learn in a way that is developmentally appropriate for them, and it teaches children they are capable, independent and to think for themselves. .

Reshma, Toddler Community
Reshma was born in India and has a Master’s Degree in Home Economics with a major in Food & Nutrition. She has traveled to Moscow and Japan. Reshma enjoys cooking and being with her two lovely sons and husband. She has been with Miniapple since 1997.

Alison, Toddler Community

Allison is originally from Minneapolis, and after living in Milwaukee for several years, she is glad to be back home. She has worked in early childhood education since 2010 and with school age children prior to that, joining the Miniapple team in 2015. In her free time, Allison enjoys spending time with her husband and her son (who is a Miniapple student), and sewing.

Monica, Infant Community

Monica obtained her Associate Degree in Child Development from Rasmussen College and worked in local early childhood programs for several years before joining Miniapple in 2016. In her free time, Monica enjoys spending time with her family.

Amy, Activities Director
Amy was raised in a large family in Minneapolis and holds a B.A. in Fine Arts from Gustavus Adolphus College. She joined the Miniapple infant team in 2015 and now coordinates our after school program. In her free time, Amy enjoys baking, painting, crafting, and teaching art activities to her nieces.


Lisa, Director
Lisa was born in Fridley and grew up in Brooklyn Park. She now live in Forest Lake and loves it there. Lisa started with Miniapple in April of 1994 as the Toddler Coordinator for 18 years, before assuming the Director role in 2012. She still loves it here at Miniapple!

Cindy, Assistant Director
Cindy was born and raised in Wadena, MN. She graduated from Moorhead State with a BS in Elementary Education. Since graduating in 1987, she has been working with children, and joined the Miniapple team in 1999. Cindy lives in Shoreview and has 3 children who are all Miniapple graduates.

Aisha, Children’s House
Aisha was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. She came to America in 1991 and now lives in New Brighton. Aisha completed the AMI Montessori Primary Training from the International Montessori Training Center of MN in 2010 and really enjoys working with children. She has been working with children since 2003 and joined Miniapple in 2013. In her free time, Aisha enjoys reading, gardening, and sewing.

Sarah, Children’s House
Sarah was raised in Minnesota. She holds a B.A. in Developmental & Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota and earned her Montessori credential from the Montessori Training Center of MN. She has been working in Montessori schools since 2010 and joined the Miniapple team in 2017. In her free time, Sarah enjoys sewing and crochet and spending time with family and friends.

Joshua, Children’s House
Joshua was born and raised in South Korea and moved to MN in 2002 before joining Miniapple in 2015.  He has a B.A. in Electrical Engineering, a Masters in Children Youth Family Ministry from Luther Seminary and AMI Primary Certification from the Montessori Training Center of MN. Joshua has various teaching experiences in church, community and Montessori schools. He enjoys music and games with children, and is very excited to be at Miniapple as a Lead Montessori Guide!

Marie, Infant Community
Marie is originally from France and moved to the U. S. when she was 14 years old. She speaks French and Spanish fluently. She has always loved working with children. Marie started working for Miniapple in 2009 in the Toddler House at the Oakdale location, and then transferred to Roseville as the Infant Teacher when the 2nd baby room opened. Marie also teaches the French language program at Miniapple. In her spare time, she loves to draw, paint, travel, and watch movies.

Katie, Infant Community
Katie was raised in Marine on St. Croix. She attended the University of St. Thomas, and worked as a counselor for Disney Cruise Lines before joining the Miniapple team in 2017. In her free time, Katie enjoys camping, reading and knitting.

Michelle, Toddler Community
Michelle is from Minneapolis, and has three sons. Her background is in Child Development with additional training in infant sign language, nutrition and health & safety. Michelle has been working with infant & toddlers since 1998, and joined Miniapple in 2010.

Sarah, Toddler Community
Sarah grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota called Bagley. She has a degree in Child Psychology and has been working with children since she was still one herself. Sarah attended the U of M and started in the Infant House at Miniapple in 2010, and now is the lead teacher in Toddler House. Sarah’s daughter is also a Miniapple student.

Ann, Activities Director
Ann moved to Minnesota from Iowa and joined the Miniapple team in 2017. She is completing a degree in Elementary Education. Ann enjoys traveling and has visited most of the United States. She also enjoys cooking and reading, and taught herself to read in Braille when she was 10 years old so that she would be able to read in the dark.


Deb, Director
Deb is our director. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and has been with Miniapple since it first opened in Minneapolis in 1990. Deb and her husband, Keith, enjoy camping and biking with their son, Lucas, a Miniapple graduate.

Manny, Assistant Director

Manny is our assistant director. She has taught at all three Miniapple schools in the since 1999. Manny has a B.S. in early childhood education with a minor in special education from the University of Minnesota. Manny’s son is a Miniapple alum, just like his mom, and her daughter is a current Miniapple student in Children’s House. In her free time, Manny enjoys camping, hiking, cooking, traveling, gardening, and spending time with her family and pets.

Margaret, Children’s House
Margaret is originally from Texas and moved north in 1999. She began working at Miniapple in 2000. Margaret completed her Montessori training in 1996. She is another one of our scrapbookers and with her husband, Randy, she enjoys riding snowmobiles and motorcycles.

Marie, Children’s House
Marie has been with Miniapple since 1993. Marie completed her Montessori training in 2000. She was born and raised in Quebec, Canada. Marie and her husband, Craig, have two daughters, both graduates of the Miniapple program who went on to become part of our teaching staff! Their family enjoys traveling, skiing, hiking and canoeing. In addition to teaching in Children’s House, Marie teaches our French language program at Miniapple.

Monica, Children’s House

Monica was born in Colombia. She joined Miniapple in 2002 and then completed her Montessori training in 2004. Along with being a mother to two children who are both Miniapple graduates, she enjoys stamping. In addition to teaching in Children’s House, Monica teaches our Spanish language program at Miniapple.

Prarthana, Children’s House
Prarthana is originally from India. She completed her Montessori training in 2005 and joined Miniapple in 2006. She enjoys spending time with her family and being a mother two wonderful boys who are both Miniapple graduates.

Maria, Toddler Community

Maria grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. She received her Child Development Associate in 2007 with an infant/toddler emphasis, and completed the Infant/Toddler Montessori course in 2013. Maria joined Miniapple in 2009. She enjoys spending time with her daughter, Gracyella (a Miniapple graduate), reading books, poetry, and listening to music.

Sara, Toddler Community
Sara has worked at Miniapple since 1996. In addition to her great experience, Sara completed the Infant/Toddler Montessori Course in 2005. Sara enjoys scrapbooking with her co-workers and sewing. Her family likes to go fishing and biking together.

Mary, Infant Community

Mary grew up in New Ulm and graduated from the University of MN – Mankato with a B.S. in Elementary Education and a specialty in Early Childhood. Mary enjoys spending time with her two boys (Miniapple graduates) and husband, her grandson (a Miniapple student), going to the cabin, and biking. She also enjoys sewing and scrapbooking. Mary has been at Miniapple since 1995.

Tara, Activities Director
Tara has been with Miniapple since 1996.  She has worked at all three locations and coordinates our afternoon program. She creates mosaics in her free time and loves the theater. Tara enjoys the company of her cat, Ernie.  She enjoys caring for Miniapple’s chickens and getting the children excited about the wildlife that we see daily in our woods and ponds at Miniapple.

Miniapple Oakdale Miniapple SE

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