Miniapple Montessori Child Care Programs near Shoreview, MN

Whether you’re looking for trustworthy infant care programs to watch your new baby after you return to work, or you want your child to receive some intellectual stimulation before they begin elementary school, you want the safest and most enriching environment possible.

At the Miniapple International Montessori Schools near Shoreview, MN, we believe in helping raise fulfilled children who are excited about learning. Our child daycare programs are designed to help children flourish, starting as young as 6 weeks, if necessary.

Our Mission

Because the early years are some of the most important developmentally, they should not be wasted. Nor should children be “forced” to learn. With the Montessori program, students in our preschool programs and private kindergarten programs participate in life-changing experiences that drive their innate curiosity.


Our classes aren’t separated by age, so children get a chance to interact with both older and younger students. Our wonderful staff is trained to understand and meet each child’s individual needs, to ensure that everyone gets the help and encouragement they need.


While we believe in child-led learning experiences, our classrooms are not chaotic. Children get the space they need to play and learn, but in a secure environment. By striking the balance between freedom and boundaries, children don’t feel restricted or antagonistic towards learning, but remain safe to explore.


We try to form close relationships with the parents of our students and encourage parents to play an active part in the learning process. If you’re ready to see how Miniapple Montessori can benefit your child, call or email the location closest to you in Shoreview, MN.

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