How to Choose a Summer Camp for Your School-Aged Child

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How should you choose a summer camp for your school-aged child? If you’re not sure what your young student should do when school is out, take a look at the questions to ask before you select a summertime program.

Where Does Your Child Go to School?

Montessori students often start in the infant, toddler or early preschool years and continue into kindergarten. If your child is an existing Montessori student, a summer camp at their school:

  • Includes the same educational philosophy. Unlike traditional schools, Montessori programs are based on a specific educational philosophy. Montessori schools encourage self-directed, self-paced activities and learning. These programs also use specially designed materials that allow children to learn through discovery.
  • Includes the same children. While other children may attend a summer program, your child’s classmates may also go to the school’s summer camp. This social environment creates a sense of familiarity that can help your child feel more comfortable.
  • Includes the same educators. Your child may get to stay with their favorite educators year-round in this type of program.

What Are Your Child’s Interests?

Make sure the summer camp meets your child’s needs — and plays to their interests. Some elementary-aged children have well-defined interests. Your child may already know they adore athletics, love literacy, or think art is awesome. But if your student doesn’t know exactly what they want to pursue, you may not know what to do about summer camp.

To get a better picture of what type of camp connects to your child’s interests:

  • Talk to your child. Even though you may think you know what your child wants to do with their summer, they may surprise you. Have an open discussion about interests, and ask them if they have a specific school subject or something else they’d like to explore.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher. What does your child enjoy during the school day? The teacher can help you to understand what type of camp program might match your child’s existing academic or other interests.
  • Research options together. Is your child unsure or unwilling to express an interest in one subject? They may not know what options exist. Explore potential interests in active ways. Read books, talk to other children, or try new activities together.
  • Review your child’s past activities. Has your child already tried after-school art lessons, science classes, or another type of program? Review the classes and programs your child has already tried. If your child enjoyed these activities, look for a similar summer camp.

The School Age Summer Camp at Miniapple allows children to try many different activities. Your child will engage in outdoor, athletic, gardening, dramatic, visual arts, or other types of explorations during the camp day. 

Do you want to learn more about Montessori summer camps for school-aged children? Contact Miniapple International Montessori School for more information.

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