Creating a Peace Corner at Home

Child playing with a small tabletop zen garden in a peace corner

A Peace Corner is a small, safe space where a child may choose to go to exercise self-regulation of their emotions. Our Children’s Houses have a Peace Corner. We suggest the following for creating a Peace Corner in your home:

  • Small unbreakable mirror: to look at their face/talk to
  • Finger labyrinth
  • Small tabletop Zen garden
  • Plant
  • Battery-operated candle
  • Books
  • Affirmations
  • Pinwheel: to help practice deep breaths
  • Bubbles: to help practice deep breaths
  • Silly putty or dough: for stretching, ripping, pulling
  • Nature items such as shells and stones
  • Soft pillows

It is important to understand that the Peace Corner is NOT to be used as a time-out corner. The child must (and will, when given the chance) choose to visit the Peace Corner when they feel they need to take a break or calm themselves. Parents can model this by choosing to visit the Peace Corner as well. This is a peaceful place, not to be cluttered with too much stuff. Choose 3 or 4 of the items above and rotate them to keep it appealing for the child.

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