3 Advantages of 3-Day Montessori School

Writing — Minneapolis, MN — Miniapple International MontessoriWhen your child turns five and qualifies for kindergarten, you have a lot of options to consider as a parent. Several public schools offer full-day kindergarten five days a week, but you are not forced to do this option. As you explore kindergarten programs, you will find three-day Montessori school as an option.

The three-day school option varies and you can often pick which three days you want your child to attend. Check out some of the advantages of the three-day Montessori schooling, especially when compared to traditional public kindergarten options.

  1. Learning Styles

A traditional kindergarten classroom will typically feature the same curriculum and teaching methods. Students will go through the same learning skills and complete tasks on a more strict schedule. A five-year-old mind is still developing on a daily basis and every child has different learning styles.

Instead of verbal instruction and disciplined assignments like worksheets, your child may thrive in different learning conditions. A three-day Montessori school allows your child to find their best learning method without the pressure or natural competition that comes through traditional public schools.

Your child can explore and learn through reading, hands-on projects, or direct teacher guidance. The flexibility will help a child build a sense of themselves as they learn what works best and find methods to help their personal growth. The three-day process gives them time to take on subjects without rushing to new areas.

Montessori schools often integrate multiple subjects into one, which creates a natural learning process the child can thrive on. For example, a child may learn counting through building blocks or musical lessons.

  1. Socialization

Socialization is a cornerstone of early education, but a child may not thrive if they are forced into social situations five days a week. If you have a more introverted or reserved child, then a three-day program can ease a child into socialization and give them time to energize again at the comfort of home.

If a child has a lot of social anxiety, then you could try to split up the days so there is not too much time spent in school multiple days in a row. For example, you could choose a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday three-day program that limits the amount of socializing.

As the school year goes on, a child will find ways to adapt without adding too much stress or forcing the situation and creating negative reactions from a child.

  1. Other Activities

A five-day school week takes up a lot of a child’s free time, especially when the child for full school days. With a three-day option, parents have the opportunity to involve their children in other activities. You may choose individual activities like swimming or gymnastics. The individual activities will help develop motor skills and social development.

The extra two days will give your schedule a lot of free time and not force you to only choose activities for the weekend. If your child has a specific interest, then you can focus on those interests and give your child a stable foundation in the skills and development of the class.

You could also use the two extra days for family activities. Plan day trips and adventures. Simple activities like trips to the library or a hike can fill a child’s day and create a lot of bonding time. There is only so much time before a child is in school full time and the two extra days can make a big difference in the school year.

Contact us at Miniapple International Montessori School to find out more information about our three-day kindergarten and the options available for your child. We understand every child is different and will do everything we can to accommodate your child’s needs.

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